"The time may be right,

but what about the price?"



Valuation Insight was founded in 2002 by our President & Principal Consultant, Mr. Michael Hannon. Since that time, the firm has completed dozens of engagements throughout the Country; providing clients with the very best in professional business and property M&A advisory services.

Selling or buying a business is typically a highly complex process, which can be fraught with unforeseen obstacles and pitfalls. Many entrepreneurial business owners may only buy or sell a business once in their career. Hence, they understandably might not possess the specific skills and experience (nor the time) required to effectively and efficiently navigate this new challenge.

This is where Valuation Insight can provide essential assistance. Our comprehensive skills and experience in this very specialized area will help you avoid exposure to the potential risks and pitfalls of the M&A process, as well as maximize the probability that the transaction is completed smoothly, and on terms which are acceptable to you.

Based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Valuation Insight offers its services on a nationwide basis, with a primary focus on companies operating in the service industry – offering particularly strong expertise with businesses and projects in the environmental service industry.

Mr. Hannon is personally involved in every engagement that the firm takes on. He has the specialized skills, the deep experience and the discretion to help you achieve your investment and financial goals.

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Guaranteed Confidentiality

At Valuation Insight we understand that the value and reputation of a business or property can sometimes be harmed when the wrong parties learn that it is either for sale or available for acquisition. A company’s customer base, its employees, its vendors, its banking relationships, and even its competitive positioning can be adversely affected if this occurs.

Therefore, it is imperative that all communications concerning the potential sale or acquisition of a business or property remain strictly confidential. Any dealings between you and representatives of Valuation Insight will always be treated with utmost confidentiality. You have our word on it.