"The time may be right,

but what about the price?"


 Professional Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Advisory Services


Timing is crucial when buying or selling a business; but timing isn’t everything. Knowing the fair market value of the business before commencing the intricate business buy-sell process is essential, in order to attain your financial return goals.

Determining the fair market value of an investment in a complex business enterprise requires sophisticated financial skills and expertise in all areas of business management. More importantly, this requires unique insight as to how business valuations are performed, as well as a deep understanding of the business buy-sell process and how successful transactions are accomplished.

The compilation of an accurate, reliable business valuation requires a thorough strategic evaluation of the business enterprise, as well as extensive financial analysis and financial modeling performed by a professional with strong experience in conducting such activities.

At Valuation Insight we have comprehensive business management and strategic planning experience; expertise in all aspects of complex financial analysis; proven deal-making skills; and, the insight required to ensure that the financial return goals on your investment are accomplished.

So whether you’re selling a cherished business which took years of hard work to build, or considering an investment in the acquisition of a business or development project; count on us to provide professional M&A advisory services, and experienced representation of your interests with the transaction.

The time may be right; now make sure the business valuation and price is right too. Call or email Valuation Insight today for more information on how we can assist you in achieving your financial goals.


Summary of Services Provided:

  • Valuation Insight (VI) is not a Business Brokerage Firm, and does not “list” businesses as being “For Sale”.
  • VI provides expert M&A advisory and representation services to its clients on a personalized basis to meet their complex financial needs, while minimizing risk and maximizing opportunities.
  • VI provides all aspects M&A transaction advisory services to both sellers and buyers of virtually any type business; with particularly strong experience with companies operating in the commercial and industrial service industries. 
  • VI provides its advisory services on a consulting basis to the owners of privately-held companies, family owned businesses, as well as large, publicly traded corporations for both “sell-side” and “buy-side” M&A transactions.
  • VI can be particularly helpful in situations where the company is closely held or family owned; bringing organization and a single, objective voice of representation to a diverse group of shareholders. 
  • VI provides expert M&A advisory services in connection with: Competitive Market Analysis; Assessment of the Business Operations & Organization; Financial & Operational Analysis; Evaluation of Financial Statements; Complex Financial Modeling; Compilation of Business Valuations; Preparation of Confidential Information (Offering) Memoranda; Representation of Clients in Deal Structuring & Contract Negotiations; Coordination of Due Diligence Activities; and, Deal Closings. 
  • VI will provide guidance on issues which should be addressed to prepare the company for sale in connection with: accounting & financial statement matters, organization structure, assessment of I.T. system issues, legal issues, business records, the condition & appearance of physical assets (i.e., equipment & property); as well as identify and recommend corrective actions to take on potential problems which may have otherwise negatively impacted the business sale process and sale price.
  • VI will identify and quantify all potential cost synergies that will add value to the business when it is sold, such as historical owner related expenses and other costs which will be eliminated post-closing; thereby increasing the earnings (and value) of the business to prospective Buyers.
  • VI will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy and financial plan for executing the business sale, business acquisition, or the investment in a development project to expand your business.
  • VI will identify and pre-screen qualified potential buyers and sellers on a confidential basis, as well as initiate contact as your representative. 
  • VI’s leadership has over 25 Years of experience in conducting all aspects of business M&A transactions, income-producing property acquisitions and strategic growth related business development projects. 
  • VI’s leadership has been involved in the completion over 300 individual M&A transactions (both buy-side & sell-side), and in executing business development projects in 42 States; with transactions for businesses generating aggregate annual revenues exceeding $1 billion. 
  • VI provides Business Valuation services (i.e., We perform complex financial analyses to calculate the estimated fair market value of the business).
  • VI can provide Strategic Business Plan Development & Pro-Forma Financial Modeling for growth related business development projects.
  • VI can provide a wide range of M&A transaction related Risk Assessment & Due Diligence services.
  • VI can provide Expert Witness Testimony in connection with generally accepted practices for compiling Business Valuations and M&A Transaction Structures. 
  • Valuation Insight is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, with professional services being provided on a nationwide basis.